18 January 2005

More EU industrial pollution guides agreed

A forum chaired by the European Commission under the EU’s IPPC industrial pollution directive has agreed three new guidelines, known as "BREFS", on how to apply best available techniques (BAT) i

17 January 2005

Blunt talking

Among his first actions as the new chief executive of Missouri, Gov. Matt Blunt took a scalpel to the state’s environmental regulation agency.

14 January 2005

Businesses will be socially responsible if it pays

The winner of this year’s Guardian/Ashridge Business School MBA essay competition rejects any suggestion that companies are increasingly socially responsible. Corporate social responsibility may

13 January 2005

Taming the Dragon

Dragon Cement Products, located in Thomaston, New England is an important regional employer. Dragon has recently begun reducing its emissions of waste cement kiln dust (CKD) into the local airshed. Ho

13 January 2005

Plume source identified

With six more months to complete research, Lehigh Southwest Cement Plant is confident it will solve a mysterious plume that has plagued the site for the past several months. The six-month extension wa

12 January 2005

Holcim obtains ISO14001 award

Holcim Liban, one of the leading cement companies in Lebanon and operates the largest cement plant of the country, has recently obtained the ISO 14001 international award as an appreciation for its en

11 January 2005

National Cement to burn tyres

The Lebec cement plant, California plant has gained permission from regional air regulators to burn old tyres as fuel, in spite of strong protests from local residents. The National Cement Company&rsq

10 January 2005

Enviro firm sues HeidelbergCement

A small, Pasadena-based firm is suing HeidelbergCement Group, claiming the company commissioned complex environmental cleanup plans that it never paid for. Heidelberger hired the firm solely to appeas

05 January 2005

Westbury wins battle but war not over

Campaigners fighting plans to burn toxic waste liquids at a cement works last night pledged to take their battle all the way to the European courts, after they lost their bid to stop the trial. Lafar

05 January 2005

Bam - one year after

A year after an earthquake that killed at least 30,000 people in just seconds, and on the surface not much has changed. The mangled remains of a lost city are strewn across this once-fertile desert oa

05 January 2005

CO2 trading targets too generous, say environmentalists

The European Union is at the centre of a new row between governments, industry and environmental campaigners over its ambitious new CO 2 emissions trading scheme, which came into effect on January 1.

03 January 2005

FRCC named safest cement plant

FR Cement Corp (FRCC) was declared the safest cement plant in the country by the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association and the

31 December 2004

EU carbon trading a possible blueprint

Climate change will become a serious business issue for many European companies from tomorrow with the start of the European

30 December 2004

Malfunctioning concrete factory makes locals’ lives a misery

On days when the south wind blows, the clothes that villagers in Lower Chaqishi, in the northern Iraqi governorate of Sulaymaniyah, hang up to dry come in whiter than white. It sounds like an advert f

27 December 2004

EU approves Spanish CO2 emission allocation plan

Spain’s Industry Ministry said Monday that the European Union Commission has given preliminary approval to the country’s carbon-dioxide

27 December 2004

Pollution ’severe’ in Rayong, Chon Buri

Climate change, marine pollution and contaminated ground water are among the environmental threats that have severely damaged the livelihood of Rayong