06 December 2004

Cementir cement plant in South Italy seized

Cementir SpA said its cement plant in Maddaloni in Southern Italy has been seized as part of an inquiry into its extraction activities in the area. Cementir said that its extraction activities have b

01 December 2004

Companies that develop CDM methods "should be compensated"

Companies that develop methodologies used to approve emissions reduction projects under the Clean Development Mechanism should be compensated for their work.

01 December 2004

Defra welcomes voluntary changes to UK emissions trading scheme

Six leading companies involved in the UK Emissions Trading Scheme have restated their commitment to the scheme by offering to provide an additional 8.9Mt of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions reducti

29 November 2004

Finnish CO2 emissions surge

Finland’s CO2 emissions in 2003 were 20 per cent higher than in 1990, official data revealed yesterday. Finland’s target under the Kyoto Protocol is to stabilise the emissions of all six greenhouse ga

29 November 2004

Shock bills in Castle Cement case, UK

More than 36 families in Clitheroe who intended to take Castle Cement to court alleging chest complaints and other ailments could face a legal bill of up to UK£2500 each. The hefty bill follows an in

29 November 2004

Carbon credit consultancy established

Climate Focus, a new Dutch-based firm to assist governments and companies on carbon credit procurement, was established late-November. Climate Focus was founded by Adriaan Korthuis, who has headed ERU

26 November 2004

Public domain awards

Entries are now being accepted for the 2005 Public Domain awards, recognising Australia’s best use of concrete in the urban environment. Organised by Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia

25 November 2004

Cairo authorities fight back pollution

A vast cloud of pollution has descended on Cairo once more, creating health problems and challenging authorities as they seek ways to stop it coming back.

24 November 2004

Cauldon Works cements reputation for safety

Lafarge Cement UK’s Cauldon Works has been commended for its commitment to safety for the second year in a row.

22 November 2004

Towards alternative Cities, the green-friendly way

Alarmed by the pace at which consumer-driven lifestyles are destroying the planet’s resources, a leading environmental body has set its sights on creating a green-friendly haven replete with hou

22 November 2004

Leaders of Asian industries wake up to regional impact of global warming

For decades, most Asian business leaders have dismissed concerns about the global environment . Such attitudes are starting to change.

22 November 2004

US Mountain Cement pollution lawsuit

Biodiversity Conservation Alliance has served notice to the Mountain Cement Company that it intends to proceed with legal action if Mountain Cement continues to operate in a manner that Biodiversity

19 November 2004

Essroc Cement vows to reduce dust problem

Essroc Cement Corp. officials assured the Nazareth Area Citizens Advisory Committee on Wednesday that they plan to address recent complaints about excessive dust coming from the company’s plants

19 November 2004

China publishes greenhouse gas emissions

On Tuesday China reported its emissions of greenhouse gases to the United Nations for the first time. In 1994, the country emitted 2.6 billion tonnes of CO2 alone. Only figures from 1990 or 1994 were

19 November 2004

WB to support Romania’s transport development

The World Bank Board of Directors has approved two loans for Romania amounting to US$ 275m for the Transport Restructuring System and other projects.

19 November 2004

Experts see states as force in fighting global warming

With the re-election of President Bush, state governments and big business will likely be the biggest forces pushing policies and developing innovative technologies aimed at reducing US emissions of t