21 March 2005

Experts to look into Meghalaya cave row

Experts from the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), Nagpur arrived in the city today to investigate the controversy over the destruction of India’s longest cave, Krem Kotsati in Lumshnong, by cement factor

21 March 2005

China to spend millions to curb sulphur dioxide emissions

China plans to invest 6.43 billion yuan (US$780m) to curb sulphur dioxide emissions spewing from the coal-fired power plants that are fueling its economic growth, state media said. The aim is to reduc

18 March 2005

Opposition to Hudson plant

Opponents of the proposed St. Lawrence Cement plant in Columbia County released a list of 177 businesses that oppose the company’s plan to build a new plant in the Town of

11 March 2005

Cactus and horse manure – cement shares to plummet?

On a mesa close to the Mexican border a dozen men and women scooped up handfuls of mud and hurled them at the sides of a small adobe building.

10 March 2005

Old cement quarry attracts 500m vistors

The Butchart Gardens, located 13 miles north of cosmopolitan Victoria, British Columbia in Canada, is now in its 101st year of existence.In 2005, the 500 millionth visitor is expected to enter those g

10 March 2005

Lehigh Cement agrees to pay cleanup costs

Lehigh Cement Co has agreed to pay a US$90,000 penalty and will speed up the timetable for some US$55m in planned improvements at its Union Bridge plant, as part of an

09 March 2005

Rethink on cement terminal?

The US Army Corps of Engineers has determined that a proposed cement distribution plant on River Road Cincinnati would negatively affect more than a half-dozen historic properties in this West Side ne

09 March 2005

Toxic emissions kiln is ready to restart

The Padeswood kiln which was forced to close down because it was releasing too many dangerous dioxin chemicals into the atmosphere may be operating again by the end of the week.

08 March 2005

More controls in Dallas

As Dallas-Fort Worth struggles to reduce its smog, the state could decide March 9 whether to require stricter controls on pollution from a Midlothian cement plant owned by Dallas-

08 March 2005

Steel frame and sugarcane pulp houses

The Scottsdale steel frame housing technology, which can complete a house in just five days, was originally developed in New Zealand and combines the power of computer-aided design with modern roll-fo

08 March 2005

No adverse effects on environment - BPC study

Botswana - an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the expansion of the Morupule Power station, situated 4km west of Palapye, had shown no serious impact on the environment. A senior offici

07 March 2005

Castle Cement ordered to shut down kiln

Environment Agency bosses last night said a notice had been served on a cement factory for breaching dioxin emission limits at its North Wales site. The enforcement notice was

01 March 2005

Making money out of Kyoto

The newest business model in town is simple: reduce greenhouse gases and get paid for it. Thanks to the Kyoto Protocol that came into effect this month, developing nations like India can get dollars,

28 February 2005

Lagan considers bonemeal fuel for cement plant

Irish-based Lagan Cement, the republic’s third-biggest supplier of cement, is researching “alternative” methods of fuelling the furnaces at its controversial factory near Kinnegad in Co Meath. Jude La

22 February 2005

Cement industry achieves climate change target

The British Cement Association (BCA) announced that all four UK cement manufacturers and the sector as a whole have achieved their targets under the Climate Change Levy Agreements for 2004. Three year

18 February 2005

CCL says new cement is cheaper, more environmentally friendly

Carib Cement has begun production of a newly formulated cement, that the firm says is stronger, more environment friendly, and cheaper to produce than the conventional