Cement News: Environmental

16 January 2006

Cement kilns are key to air quality

A new US study suggests that controlling pollution from cement kilns in Ellis County might be the key to improving air-quality problems in North Texas that regional leaders are struggling

13 January 2006

UK companies to reap CO2 benefits

British companies have been offered the prospect of a clear advantage over their European rivals under the latest European Commission plans for cutting carbon dioxide emissions (reports the UK Financi

13 January 2006

Greens claim cement trains to be stopped

Mounting speculation in Ireland that Iarnród Éireann will axe its cement transport operation into Cork within months. The Green Party said it has information that the company plans to

11 January 2006

Ashaka Cement Gets ISO Certification

Ashaka Cement Plc, has received the ISO 9001:2000 Certification from the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), in recognition of the attainment of the Nigeria Industrial Standards (NIS) in quality

Kyoto protocol will reduce European economic growth 01 January 2006

Kyoto protocol will reduce European economic growth

That is the finding of a recent study from the International Council for Capital Formation, a market-based think tank. It projects

01 January 2006

Toxic cleanup completed

Over the past 12 years, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality has been cleaning up the former Portland Cement sites in Salt Lake

UK and Sweden honouring Kyoto agreement 01 January 2006

UK and Sweden honouring Kyoto agreement

Britain will meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto protocol on climate change but many

30 December 2005

ThyssenKrupp reclassifies ’waste’ slag as product

Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Steel has been given the go-ahead by the country’s government to classify its blast furnace slag as a product

28 December 2005

ACC wins fly ash award

ACC was awarded the National Award for being the “Best User in India” of a Mineral Component Fly Ash by Fly Ash Utilization Mission, TIFAC, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. T

26 December 2005

Lagan waste fuel burn provokes protests

Local residents are furious after a cement company was granted permission to incinerate up to 50,00t of meat and bone each year. The cattle wast will be burned in kilns at the site of Lagan Cement clo

26 December 2005

Harnessing sea power in Wales

THE UK’s first wave power station may generate over 1000 jobs as well as producing renewable energy off the waters of Milford Haven. KP Renewables

26 December 2005

Taiwanese Industrial Associations Volunteer to Reduce CO2 emissions

Seven Taiwanese industry associations including the Chinese National Federation of Industries will sign an agreement today with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to voluntarily

19 December 2005

Cement industry turning green

Leading environmental NGO Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has awarded the Indian cement industry its "Three Green Leaves" rating for reducing pollution but feels it needs to clean up its mini

16 December 2005

South Africa to start burning tyres

South Africa’s cement industry is to start burning tyres to fuel its kilns. The initiative is intended to diversify the industry’s fuel source and to help clean up SA, which is littered with mil

16 December 2005

MP impressed by cement plant, UK

Rugby MP Jeremy Wright took a journey forward in time to find out what the future could hold for Rugby Cement and the controversial tyre-burning issue.

16 December 2005

Cement factories told to go green

Cement producers PT Semen Cibinong and PT Indocement Tbk were ordered to undergo environmental audits and to construct green areas in a bid to minimise the adverse impacts of pollution resulting from