19 November 2004

Essroc Cement vows to reduce dust problem

Essroc Cement Corp. officials assured the Nazareth Area Citizens Advisory Committee on Wednesday that they plan to address recent complaints about excessive dust coming from the company’s plants

19 November 2004

China publishes greenhouse gas emissions

On Tuesday China reported its emissions of greenhouse gases to the United Nations for the first time. In 1994, the country emitted 2.6 billion tonnes of CO2 alone. Only figures from 1990 or 1994 were

19 November 2004

WB to support Romania’s transport development

The World Bank Board of Directors has approved two loans for Romania amounting to US$ 275m for the Transport Restructuring System and other projects.

19 November 2004

Experts see states as force in fighting global warming

With the re-election of President Bush, state governments and big business will likely be the biggest forces pushing policies and developing innovative technologies aimed at reducing US emissions of t

19 November 2004

Going green with better quality tyres

Most of a tyre’s environmental impact occurs during its actual use rather than during disposal as is commonly believed. This is due to the phenomenon of rolling resistance which affects fuel consumpti

19 November 2004

Plan could put end to daily trips to Michigan landfill

Canada’s York Region’s great hope to stop sending household trash to Michigan, United States in the next few years is a two-inch long, hard brown, mottled cylinder. That’s what our garbag

19 November 2004

$500,000 needed to save Saylor cement kilns

A group of people interested in saving Coplay’s kilns have formed an organization to raise money for the effort. The Saylor Cement Kilns Preservation Society must raise $500,000 to save the kil

15 November 2004

NEC develop flame resistant polycarbonate based on fly ash

NEC Corporation, Japan, has announced that it has succeeded in the development of a flame resistant polycarbonate resin, which cuts manufacturing energy consumption by over 20 per cent through the use

12 November 2004

Oficemen to sign environmental agreement

In Spain, the cement association, Oficemen, will today sign an agreement with trade unions CCOO and UGT that will commit cement plants to reducing their pollution emissions. Under the terms of the

12 November 2004

Hima Cement completes water treatment facility

Hima Cement has completed and commissioned a water-treatment plant at the factory site at Hima in Kasese. The water purification plant worth Euro 85,000 (Shs189 million) will provide clean water for

11 November 2004

Guangdong addresses dust problems

Guangdong Province is expected to introduce a floating dust warning system to help tackle worsening air pollution. Meteorological departments in the province have established observation stations in G

11 November 2004

Extra eye to be kept on chimney

Another camera is likely to be trained on an industrial chimney in Rugby to monitor chemicals which pour out. Rugby borough council officers have recommended an extra CCTV camera at Beechwood Courts

11 November 2004

Lafarge plans for tyre burn

Lafarge Brasil has inaugurated a new plant in Matozinhos (Minas Gerais state). The main characteristic of the new plant is the operation with industrial sub-products in the whole production process -

10 November 2004

Cement Likely to Be Used in road building

Cement could soon replace bitumen in building roads, a top Kenyan official said yesterday. A Government-backed study on the advantages of using cement instead of bitumen has been completed and experim

10 November 2004

EPA pressed to set mercury limits for cement factories

Four years ago, a US Federal judge ordered the US Environmental Protection Agency to set limits on the amount of mercury cement factories may discharge into the air. Today those plants, including seve

09 November 2004

Company seeks to build cement production quarry

A company has revived a proposal for a limestone quarry and cement plant north of Paulden in the US. Drake Cement LLC hopes to mine limestone on 59 acres of the Prescott National Forest about five mil