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08 February 2005

Charterers play the waiting game

After the short rush of last week that pushed Capes and Panamax rates up again, the market seems now to play the waiting game with the Chinese New Year festivities about to start. However, despite the

02 February 2005

Markets regain some lost ground

Activity on dry bulk markets this week was in line what was expected. Capes have taken the driving seat and now with few ships remaining open prompt the market seems to be ready for another rally

26 January 2005

Mixed signals from the market

Dry bulk markets have continued to slide last week but on Friday the general feeling was that next week will see a comeback of charterers particularly in the East, which should reverse the trend in th

18 January 2005

First signs of weakness?

After the very prompt reaction of the market, which started mid-last week, it now seems that charterers have disappeared from the charts! The end of last week was very quiet and rates started to feel

Markets regain upward momentum 13 January 2005

Markets regain upward momentum

With overall demand still very firm the market remains on the edge and will react upwards to any return of charterers. This week Cape rates have made a U-turn regaining almost all the ground lost earl

05 January 2005

Markets weaken over holiday period

The level of business has been particularly low since our latest report 15 days ago. This slow mood has translated into lower rates with the Capes falling down under the $100,000 par day, Panamaxes ha

Markets start to slide 21 December 2004

Markets start to slide

At present everybody is "skiing down to the village" and the heaviest is the fastest. Capes have recorded this week historical downward figures and the number of ships remaining unfixed by the end of

15 December 2004

Still riding the roller coaster

After another exciting period of nearly one month where rates reached unprecedented record levels, the market has stalled during most recent trading days. Figures have started to dive from their top p

02 December 2004

Numbers speak for themselves!

It is very hard this week to find other words than: strong, firm or even historical. Cape rates are now heading towards the US$110,000 per day for Brazil to Far East voyages and can fetch the US$100,0

25 November 2004

Very hot period on all dry bulk markets

A very hot period on all dry bulk markets especially with the Panamax segment leading the race of the fastest progression of the week, fuelled by a rush on tonnage available for time charter. Similarl

10 November 2004

Activity levels remain quite firm

With the grain side no longer providing the same number of opportunities, the Panamax market has been a bit weaker this week despite being helped by a still strong mineral activity also sustained by s

26 October 2004

Markets continue to strengthen

All dry bulk markets have continued to go up during last week especially for the Capesize market which increased heavily and, more particularly, at the end of the week. The most bullish players who pr

13 October 2004

Speculation over rate trends

While tanker freight rates are cruising into some unexplored areas, dry bulk rates are getting nervous too despite a rather "normal" volume of business. Especially in the Cape segment, everyone is sti

05 October 2004

Markets still holding up

In a quieter market linked to the absence of a lot of Asian players, all dry bulk markets remained firm. It is significant to see that even in these conditions, the Cape market did not plunge and even

21 September 2004

New business boosts rates

As expected last week the market has been prompt to react to the new wave of business which surfaced this week on almost all dry bulk markets. Capesize rates regained more than half the ground lost la

01 September 2004

Markets still under pressure

While the iron ore & steel groups are building up their production capacities and stabilising their supplies through long term contracts, all dry bulk shipping markets remain under pressure with rate