Increased power tariffs result in cement price hikes, Tanzania

Published 07 February 2012

A recent rise in power tariffs by over 40 per cent has resulted in the price of Tanzanian building materials starting to also increase.

A spot survey by local newspaper, ‘Daily News’ on Tursday showed that the price of Twiga cement sold by Tanzania Portland Cement Company (TPCC) has risen to between TZS14,500 and TZS15,500 per 50kg bag, depending on the location.

This follows the company’s decision to increase prices to wholesalers last Monday, the paper reported. Agents now say the price of a bag is TZS14,000/50kg bag irrespective of a retailer’s vicinity in the city.

Traders at Wazo Hill, the location of TPCC’s cement works, have taken advantage of their proximity to the manufacturer to raise prices. The highest prices were observed in the Tabata and Kigamboni suburbs of TZS15,000-15,500/50kg bag. One cement trader said: