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Re: Raw mill drying problem

Safety of operation - Ensure the complete combustion in u r HGG.The mill inlet draft has to be suitably maintained...

Re: vertical mill

The efficiency of a vertical mill depends on the stable bed formation under the rollers for grinding. If the feed is ...

Re: bull nose cooling fans

clarke can u pl comment on the same. (external shell cooling fan at the nose ring portion of the cooler)

bull nose cooling fans

Hi, I have been told that bull nose area in the cooler is cooled externally by a cooling fan to increase the life o...

Re: Thermal Loading in the Kiln

you should be achieving in excess of 320 days/year.the degree of calcination can be increased to bring down the ther...

Re: Clinker Dust in tertiary air duct

1. If dust is generated it cannot be easily controlled. If it does not come with the Tertiary air, it will go to the...

Re: Mill to Blaine or Mill to residue

Normally a steeper distribution is expected to give a lower blaine than a wider distribution, the extent depends on ...

Re: Dusty clinker

can u send the details of clinker chemistry, type of fuel fired. are u operating at the causes specified by you?.

Re: calciner design:res.time, type, etc

While the basics of combustion have been discussed already, kindly take the material characteristics also into consi...

Re: High freelime and liter weight

Free lime in clinker is generally controlled by maintaining liter weights. But the problem expressed by you for a gas...