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re Kiln burner

Mr. Wahid, Its Mutichannel Burner have high Flame Momentum. Because Velocity of Primary air is high compare to ...

re Reasons for drop in Kiln inlet temperature

Dear Mr.  Ramesh, There may be possibilities that material which enters in the Calciner, part of material direc...

Recycle of Cooling air

Dear Expert, Please clarify that If we increase the temperature of Cooling air by reccling of Cooler exit gase,...

re How to grind pet coke in vertical roller mill designed for normal coal

What Mr. GK Sharma has replied is vey correct. 1. Gradually increase the Grinding pressure to the maximum desig...


Free lime is commn issue. I think there are many reasons. It may be operational problem or may be Raw Mix problem....

High power consumption of Preheater Fan

We have 3000 tpd designed KHD pyro process. which run on consistently on 3550 tpd. Power consumption of PH fan is ...