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TimePosted 30/06/2020 14:52:26

Cement Sector Jobs in Middle East, Africa and other Asian Countries

Group of Cement Engineers Working in Gulf, Africa, and other asian countries. Join youtube channel mechanical.cement to learn technical knowledge related to cement sector, sharing of videos already started in that group, our group is already working on other videos as well, and soon it will uloaded on the same channel. Upcoming videos will be related to VRM, Ball Mills, Kiln, Compressors, other equipment, process, and techniques used in Cement Sector. Moreover, anyone if interested to work in gulf and other asian countries, please share their CVs on the email id mentioned in the youtube videos. We all group members will share those CVs with each other and try our best to find the relevant job for the applicants with out any charges or fee. Moreover, jobs posts will be shown in the youtube channel as well.




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