Askale Cement annnounces new corporate identity and vision

Askale Cement annnounces new corporate identity and vision
20 September 2021

Aşkale Cement has changed its nearly 50-year corporate identity with a brand new image and design. The company has also announced its new vision that will guide its future goals.  

The Turkey-based cement producer has changed its focus from a local to a global player in the last few years. Its new corporate identity is expected to contribute to that while the brand is fulfilling its half-century journey.  

Fatih Yücelik, CEO of Aşkale Cement, said, "We are determined to do our part to build a better future for both our country and the world. Our new corporate identity is our first step, showing that we are fully committed to our goal of being the pioneer of change and transformation in the industry."

 The new logo tells the story of a ladybug, whose roots go back to the past, and which spreads its wings for future goals and moves forward. The modern typography used in the new identity created to carry the strength from the tradition to the future, on the other hand, symbolises the solid and pioneering position of Aşkale Çimento in the future.  

Mr Yücelik also highlighted that new strategies and values to enable the new vision to be put into practice have also been determined. "The foundations of our new strategies can be accepted as business excellence, cash management, entrepreneurial investment and sustainability, profitable growth, innovation and digitalisation," said Mr Yücelik.

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