Global Cement Consumption forecasts 2016-18

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Published in Q3 2016, this report covers global cement consumption forecasts for the next three years, from 2016 to 2018, alongside an in-depth survey of the major world cement markets and insights into worldwide demand derived from an analysis of the underlying macroeconomic trends.

This report contains:

Utilising ICR Research’s own modelling work on the evolution of consumption patterns, the forecasts make use of data on capital investment, urbanisation rates and commodity prices to arrive at robust estimates for cement demand.

The report includes commentary from our own economists on 21 major markets selected to ensure a global coverage of important consumers.

The forecasts provide a base case that our experts believe to be the most likely demand scenario, accompanied by high- and low-end projections for each country and region to provide you with an idea of the plausible floors and ceilings for consumption growth.

Details of both the methodology behind the model and the means by which we have ensured its accuracy are also included in this comprehensive package.