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re Material to air ratio

For all practical purpose, we can have loading of 500 to 650 g/m3 depending on the process conditions.

re Heavy coating at start of burning zone

Optimise your liquid % and try to use some silica rich material / Slag to strip off the coating. If brick thicknes...

re sulphure ring in kiln 14 to 22 meter

Please check for Ring material analysis and if ring consist of mainly S content then probably it may be the cause ...

re What is the impact of maintaining positive pressure in kiln hood

Maintaining positive in hood may disturb the flame. Also it is dangeraous from mechanical damage point of view in ...

re Factors affecting poor collection efficiency of preheater cyclones

It looks that there is something worng in air flow calculation. Normally 1.45-1.6 should be a good range for a 5 S...

re whatsapp group cement

Please add me too in group. 9977209086

Re: Heat Balance

Please also send heat balance to me at vivek14979@gmail.com   vkm


Please also send it to me on vivek14979@gmail.com   vkm

Re: CemenT Mill Ventilation Fan

Designed volume for Cement Mill ventilation is function of Mill volume & will remain same for any capacity, however ...

Re: Ring Formation

Please also send your technique to me at vivek14979@gmail.com .   VKM