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Cemex Ventures to recycle plastic to produce concrete and aggregates via Arqlite

01 July 2020, Published under Cement News

Cemex Ventures is investing in US-based Arqlite SPC, a start-up that produces light recycled aggregates from plastic waste. The product benefits from a low CO 2 footprint and a greater durability for drainage, precast and lightweight concrete systems for non-structural use. Arqlite SPC began its research and development process in Argentina in 2016. It has developed an innovative technology that allows most of the plastic waste to be recycled instead of disposal at a landfill or polluting...

Top start-ups in construction ecosystem of 2019 listed

13 December 2019, Published under Cement News

Cemex Ventures, Boston Consulting Group and Tracxn have announced their list of 50 most promising start-ups in the construction ecosystem of 2019. The alliance of the three companies aims to explore and promote new solutions in the global construction industry. The leading solutions encompass: • project design and engineering, optimisation, digitalisation and project planning, plus techniques to maximise efficiency and quality • project jobsite management, productivity improvement, efficien...

Cemex subsidiary to enter Chinese market

20 November 2019, Published under Cement News

Cemex's venture capital unit has announced that it will be entering the Chinese market through a partnership with Glodon, a local provider of digital platform services for the industry, and Interdream Ventures, a venture capital firm seeking to digitise the construction and decoration industries. "This type of alliance between two joining segments is key to finding new successful business models and operating in the Chinese market," said Juan Nieto, Cemex Ventures' representative in Asia. ...

Cemex invests in building materials delivery start-up

16 September 2019, Published under Cement News

Cemex Ventures, the venture capital business of Cemex, has announced it has invested in GoFor Industries, a logistics marketplace for on-demand delivery of building materials and equipment for the DIY and construction industries. GoFor Industries is a start-up company founded in 2016 with operations in the USA and Canada. By 2020 GoFor is expected to expand to 20 major market areas in the USA. Gonzalo Galindo, CEO of Cemex Ventures, said, “With this investment, we seek to improve a criti...

Cemex Ventures invests in real-time delivery company

12 April 2019, Published under Cement News

Cemex Ventures  has invested in LINKX, a software company that specialises in goods delivery optimisation. LINKX will help Cemex achieve control of deliveries in real time, allowing data-based decision-making and communication between shipper, carrier and receiver. "This investment is a clear example of our offer," said Gonzalo Galinodo, CEO of Cemex Ventures." LINKX came to us at a very early stage, and together, we worked on continuous improvements by reinforcing their minimum viable prod...

Cemex Ventures teams up with TEFKEN Ventures in construction

27 March 2019, Published under Cement News

Cemex Ventures Corporate Capital Unit has signed a collaboration agreement with T EFKEN Ventures, a Turkish industrial conglomerate working in the construction, agriculture, manufacturing and real estate sectors. The businesses will develop synergies between them to innovate the construction industry. The two investment funds will work to invest in new technologies and innovative solutions to drive the revolution of the construction industry on a global basis. Agendas and events will be co...