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German cement prices rise again

23 March 2023, Published under Cement News

The German statistical office (Statistisches Bundesamt) has published the price index for manufactured goods where cement prices were up by 51.7 per cent in February 2022 YoY, and by 8.9 per cent MoM.   The EUR30/t increases decided in November by Heidelberg Materials , Lafarge ( Holcim ) and Schwenk Zement GmbH & Co KG and above all by Dyckerhoff GmbH ( Buzzi-Unicem ), which asked its clients for +EUR55/t to +EUR65/t are not unrelated to this movement, with the price of the carbon ...

Modifying Germany's carbon capture plans

10 March 2023, Published under Cement News

As a leading industrial nation in the EU, Germany's carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) strategy is key for the succesful reduction of European CO2 emissions. The German government has targeted net zero to be reached in 2045 and the cement sector is expected to play an important part in this drive. Progress is underway with cement industry CCUS projects at Mergelstetten and Rohrdorf featuring in the news. However, there is a concern about adequate underground storage of captured CO...

Dyckerhoff supplies cement for Düsseldorf light rail project

17 February 2023, Published under Cement News

Dyckerhoff is supplying cement and concrete for a new route is being built for the U 81 light rail line, which will connect Düsseldorf airport with the existing light rail network, thus enabling a direct journey from the airport via the old town to the main train station. In the first construction phase, which is 1.9km-long, not only two bridges are being built, one of them almost 0.5km long, but also a ~200m-long dam structure and a ~400m-long tunnel with an underground train station a...

Dyckerhoff CEDUR composite cement rebuilds Lörrach hospital

05 December 2022, Published under Cement News

Dyckerhoff secured an order for the delivery of 68,000m³ of concrete to rebuild the central hospital in Lörrach, southwest Germany. The concrete is produced with Dyckerhoff Cement from the Göllheim and Amöneburg plants. For the duration of the construction period, the Dyckerhoff mobile plants branch operates a mobile mixing plant directly on site. Approximately 6000m³ of ready-mixed concrete of quality C30/37 in consistency F4 was produced in the mobile plant for the foundations,...

German construction sector outlook adds to cement producer worries

10 June 2022, Published under Cement News

Germany's construction sector is showing signs of weakness despite having been supported by strong stimulus plans. This week CIC-Market Solutions reported that the explosion in raw material costs and uncertainty concerns over inflation were impacting stock market prices in the German building materials sector. S&P Global's analysis of May 2022 indicates that rising price pressures dampened demand in the German construction sector with material shortages and uncertainty among clients. Civil ...

Christian Pfeiffer supplies Dyckerhoff's Deuna cement plant

16 March 2022, Published under Cement News

In December Christian Pfeiffer delivered a mill head with welded-on mill shot for a raw mill for Dyckerhoff ’s Deuna cement plant in Germany. Due to the on-time delivery the assembly started according to schedule. The customer reused the trunnion and the assembly was completed successfully.  

Buzzi Unicem launched CGreen in Germany and Italy

23 February 2022, Published under Cement News

Buzzi Unicem has launched the new product line called CGreen, a family of CO 2 efficient cements, on the Italian and German markets.  CGreen marks the natural evolution of Buzzi Unicem's hydraulic binders, continuing in the footsteps of a long tradition of high-quality, high-performance products. The CGreen line was developed by selecting suitable active additions, partially replacing clinker, optimising grinding and mixing conditions and using new generation additives, at the same ...

Hranice sees 12% increase in 2020 profit

26 April 2021, Published under Cement News

Czech cement producer Cement Hranice, owned by Germany-based Dyckerhoff AG, saw its profit rise 12.1 per cent YoY to CZK561.5m (US$26.2m) in 2020 on sales of CZK1.797bn, up 1.2 per cent YoY. "Cement and other product sales declined by 3.4 per cent YoY in 2020 owing to lower supplies to the sister Slovak company ZAPA beton," said board member Roman Michalcik. Cement sales in the Czech market totalled CZK1.386bn, while exports accounted for the rest. Domestic sales increased by around CZK4...

CI4C consortium makes progress with carbon capture project

19 November 2020, Published under Cement News

The pilot project "catch4climate", for which four cement manufacturers have joined forces, is set to capture CO 2 at the site of the Mergelstetten cement plant in southern Germany. For this, the consortium intends to build and operate its own demonstration plant on a semi-industrial scale, where the oxyfuel process will be applied for CO 2 capture. The captured CO 2 will then be used to produce "reFuels", climate-neutral synthetic fuels such as kerosene for air traffic, with the help of r...

Buzzi Unicem: Italy and beyond

26 May 2020, Published under Cement News

The growth of Buzzi Unicem into a major multinational has taken more than a century. While its operations span the Atlantic and stretch to the Russian Urals in the east and the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East to the south, the company remains a family business with a fascinating history of cement, ready-mix and aggregate production. In its home base of Italy, Buzzi Unicem operates around 13Mta of cement capacity, including the Vernasca plant pictured Buzzi Unicem’s roots date ...