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Gas supply for Ecebol Potosí plant ready for transport to site

14 June 2023, Published under Cement News

The Phase II expansion of the Sucre-Potosí Gas Pipeline in Bolivia has been completed and will result in an increase of gas transportation capacity by up to 13.6mft 3 /d, which represents an increase of 32 per cent. This will enable a sufficient supply of gas to the new 1.36Mta cement plant of Empresa Pública Productiva Cementos de Bolivia (Ecebol) in Chiutara, Potosí. “This project has an investment of US$5.8m and will contribute to the national cement production, in this way it will supp...

Ecebol plant expected to start up in June

21 March 2023, Published under Cement News

Bolivia’s Empresa Pública de Cemento (Ecebol) expects to commission its new Potosí plant in June with the project currently 92 per cent complete and a budget execution of 85 per cent. The start-up of the 1.3Mta plant will take place on 30 June with the grinding and dispatch of the first products. "The first bags of cement will be in November to then verify the quality and put them on sale," said the country’s Minister of Productive Development, Néstor Huanca. He also indicated that t...

ECEBOL reaches 80% capacity utilisation since restart

08 July 2021, Published under Cement News

Three weeks after its restart, Empresa Püblica Productiva Cementos de Bolivia (ECEBOL) has achieved a capacity utilisation rate of 80 per cent, according to Bolivian President, Luis Arce. “Only three weeks after its reactivation, our Bolivian Cement Company is producing at 80% of its capacity, selling the product to La Paz, Oruro and Cochabamba. With this industry we generate 230 direct jobs and 1,500 indirect jobs,” he said on Twitter. The plant, which is located in Jeruyo, Oruro, has b...

ECEBOL officially restarts operations

16 June 2021, Published under Cement News

State-run Empresa Pública Productiva Cementos de Bolivia (ECEBOL) has officially restarted its operations in Caracollo, Oruro, with an investment of BOB58m (US$8.39m). "This restart of operations of our plant not only ratifies our desire for the reactivation of the Oruro economy, but also of the national economy, because the quality of the cement that we are going to produce here and that we were producing in ECEBOL is of the highest quality," said the country’s president, Luis Arce. T...

Ecebol plant to produce 0.573Mt of cement in 2021

28 April 2021, Published under Cement News

State-run Ecebol expects its plant in Oruro, Bolivia, to produce 0.573Mt of cement in 2021, according to Jose Luis Jimenez, the company’s manager. It is forecast to achieve sales of over BOB463m (US$67.2m). The plant was inaugurated in August 2019. Its output is IP-40 and IP-30 cement.

ECEBOL signs contract for natural gas supply

08 April 2021, Published under Cement News

ECEBOL's new plant in Potosí, Bolivia, is expected to be supplied with natural gas by Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) through an 8km pipeline that will connect YPFB’s Transporte system with the cement factory. ECEBOL and YPFB signed a contract guaranteeing the supply of 11.9MMcf of natural gas per day, which will be used to produce cement and clinker that will supply national and international demand. "We have been making progress with the connections to the differen...

Bolivian cement projects not guaranteed gas supply

12 February 2020, Published under Cement News

The provision of gas for the operation of Fancesa’s new Sucre line and Ecebol’s Potosí facility in Bolivia is not guaranteed. However, the Bolivian government has announced that mechanisms will be sought to implement a pipeline and pumping plant that allows the new line in Sucre as well as ECEBOL’s new Potosí works to operate successfully. “Unfortunately, Fancesa knew the limitations before investing. The capacity of the pipeline was known and it was known that it was saturated. But now w...

The making of Oruro

13 January 2020, Published under Cement News

Empresa Pública Productiva Cementos de Bolivia (ECEBOL) recently brought its 1Mta cement plant in Oruro, Bolivia, online. The project is the first of two greenfield production facilities supported by the government to use the area’s natural resources and provide high-quality and competitively-priced cement to the domestic market. By Miguel Vilaseca, Empresa Pública Productiva Cementos de Bolivia, Bolivia, and PEC Consulting Group LLC, USA. Located near the town of Jeruyo in the Bolivi...

ECEBOL sells BOB35m since start-up

04 October 2019, Published under Cement News

Bolivia’s  new ECEBOL unit has sold BOB35m (US$5m) of cement since its recent start-up. The company produces IP-40 cement and since August has launched the product in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, La Paz and Oruro. The plant currently operates at 60 per cent of its cement capacity, which is expected to be ramped up to 100 per cent next year. “At the moment we have sold cement to a value to BOB35m, and we run at a capacity of 50-60 per cent,” according to Patricia Ballivián, general manager of ...

Bolivia's drive to reduce imports

09 August 2019, Published under Cement News

This week saw the inauguration of the new plant of Empresa Pública Productiva de Cementos de Bolivia (ECEBOL), located in Jeruyo, Caracollo, in the country’s Oruro province. The 1.3Mta plant represents an investment of US$306m by the country’s government, according to Bolivia’s President, Evo Morales.   ECEBOL is also planning a further cement plant in Chiutara, Potosí. The company was granted a 39.8ha plot of state-owned land by the Lower House of the Bolivian Parliament in February....