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Staged combustion deNOx technology for calciners

19 July 2021, Published under Cement News

Under increasingly stringent pollutant emission standards, deNO x systems are widely used in Chinese cement production. As the calciner is relatively flexible and adjustable in its design, it is a key piece in the process for NO x emissions reduction. Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute Co, Ltd has been researching NO x emissions reduction technology in cement manufacturing for more than two decades, and in this article charts the development of staged combustion deNO x ...

Lowering the temperature

14 October 2019, Published under Cement News

Clinker production is a high-temperature combustion process that generates nitrogen oxides (NO x ), one of the most significant kiln emissions. To reduce these emissions, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) has been widely acknowledged as the best available technology. By Area Impianti SpA, Italy. The use of selective catalytic reduction helps reduce NO x emissions from cement production Among the NO x reduction techniques, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is the best av...

Achieving AF and NOx goals

27 November 2018, Published under Cement News

With reducing fuel costs and sustainability in mind, Brazilian producer Cimento Nacional is persistently striving to implement innovative methods to increase alternative fuels (AF) utilisation while reducing emissions. With the help of an advanced MI-CFD modelling technique the company has successfully achieved this goal at its Sete Lagoas plant, increasing its AF thermal substitution rate and reducing NO x emissions. By Ablail Paula Pinheiro, Joana Bretz de Souza, Cinar Brasil, Brazil, Tah...

Injecting new life in NOx control

30 May 2018, Published under Cement News

The aqueous ammonia (NH 3 ) injection system for nitrogen oxide (NO x ) emission reductions at a cement plant in Florida, USA, provided limited ability for flow downturn and material usage efficiency. A new injection system, provided by Lechler, considerably lowered the use of NH 3   in its NO x reduction system. By Stewart McKenzie and Aly Gilbertsen, Lechler Inc, USA, and Daniel Ball, Argos Cement, USA. A new NH 3 injection system with the latest nozzle design by Lechler improved ...

Gaseous emission control

12 December 2012, Published under Cement News

With acid gas emissions being one of the topics of this ICR issue Dr Clark reflects on previous Technical Forums on this subject and the latest offerings from WL Gore in this regard. WL Gore deNOx technology The control of the acid gas emissions NOx and SO2 is periodically discussed in the Technical Forum along with the control of other gaseous emissions such as unburnt hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans, mercury and other heavy metals. The chemistry underlying the origin and mitigat...