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Fancesa increases clinker sales to Chile

20 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Bolivia-based Fancesa will be delivering an 8000t clinker shipment to Chile, following the 1000t cargo to CBB in the neighbouring state last month, according to Correo del Sur. The company is currently carrying out a study into the sale of clinker and has requested collaboration from the local transport sector, according to Amael España, the company’s legal receiver. “I'm sure the carriers will help us. We have to be competitive by lowering prices and keeping up with international competit...

Uruguayan cement producers see 8% increase in June dispatches

15 September 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement producers in Uruguay increased their total deliveries by 8.3 per cent YoY to 60,950t in June 2021 from 55,930t in June 2020, according to the Asociación de Fabricantes de Cemento Portland del Uruguay (AFCPU). Of the total, domestic sales were up by 6.8 per cent to 56,199t in June 2021 from 52,633t in June 2020 and exports advanced 33.2 per cent to 4391t from 3297t in June 2020. January-June 2021 Total sales by the country’s producers reached 403,600t in June 2021, up 20 per cent Y...

Uruguay's cement market expands 16 per cent in 1Q21

13 April 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement deliveries in Uruguay saw a 33.8 per cent YoY advance in March 2021 to 71,027t from 53,083t in March 2020. This follows a 6.8 per cent increase to 65,680t in February and a 9.3 per cent uptick to 53,268t in January 2021, according to the country’s cement association, Asociación de Fabricantes de Cemento Portland del Uruguay (AFCPU). Exports reached 6349t in March 2021, up 156.4 per cent YoY from 2476t in March 2020. In February 2021 exports increased 37.7 per cent YoY to 3615t while...

Uruguayan market expands by 8% in 2020

23 February 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in Uruguay increased 34.6 per cent YoY to 251,000t in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to the country’s chamber of industry, CIU. Of this total, 89 per cent or 223,290t were delivered to the domestic market, which expanded by 44.1 per cent YoY to around 257,000t in the 4Q20 from 179,000t in the 4Q19. Around 13 per cent, or 33,710t of Uruguayan demand was covered by imports. In addition, cement producers exported 11 per cent or 27,610t of sales, mainly to Paraguay. In 4Q19...

Peru cement prices among lowest in Latin America

05 January 2021, Published under Cement News

Capeco, the Peruvian construction chamber, reported that the average retail price for grey cement in Peru is around US$6.22 per 42.5kg bag – one of the lowest in Latin America. The highest price is paid in Argentina, where a bag of cement costs on average US$12.34, followed by Nicaragua, Uruguay, Guatemala and Paraguay, where a bag of cement costs around US$10. In Brazil, prices are the lowest at US$5.03/bag, according Capeco. In Chile a bag of cement retails at US$7.65 while in Colombia a...

Votorantim Cimentos reports 3Q20 EBITDA of BRL1.5bn

13 November 2020, Published under Cement News

Votorantim Cimentos recorded global net revenue of BRL5.2bn (US$961.2m) in the 3Q20, a 37 per cent increase compared to 3Q19. The growth was due to the positive impact of a 15 per cent increase in sales, resulting from a recovery in demand in all regions. In addition to positive market dynamics and the appreciation of the dollar against the real.     Consolidated adjusted EBITDA in the quarter was BRL1.5bn, an increase of 94 per cent in comparison with the 3Q19, with an EBITDA margin o...

Cementos Artigas to shift grinding to Minas plant

13 November 2020, Published under Cement News

Cementos Artigas, the joint venture of Cementos Molins and Votorantim Cimentos, has commenced a US$40m project to unify its cement production in Uruguay. The project will integrate the company’s grinding plant, currently located in Montevideo, with its clinker plant at Minas, 100km from the capital to achieve “a more efficient and sustainable” unified production line, according to the company. A new state-of-the-art vertical cement mill and new cement silos will be installed at the Minas p...

Uruguay sees exports rise in the 2Q20

20 August 2020, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in Uruguay reached 166,074t in the second quarter of 2020, a 3.9 per cent drop YoY, according to data from the Chamber of Industries. Of the total, 97 per cent were domestic sales and three per cent were exports, mostly to Paraguay. Domestic sales were down 4.1 per cent YoY, but exports climbed 3.9 per cent.

Uruguayan 3Q domestic cement sales up 14%

26 November 2018, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in Uruguay increased 14 per cent YoY to 181,000t in the July-September quarter, according to a report by the country’s Chamber of Industries. However, exports fell by 74 per cent to 12,000t during the same period. Around 60 per cent of exports are delivered to Paraguay, followed by Argentina (27 per cent) and Brazil (13 per cent). Imports were negligible in the third quarter of 2018 and in the year to date, accounted for around 8.9 per cent of apparent consumption.

Uruguayan producers sees 18% rise in sales

25 June 2018, Published under Cement News

Total cement sales in the 1Q18 in Uruguay totalled 219,000t, representing an increase of 18 per cent YoY. Of this total, 74 per cent were sold in the domestic market while some 26 per cent were exported, according to the Chamber of Industry (CIU). The rise represents the fourth-consecutive quarterly increase in total cement sales following a market contraction that lasted from 2013 to 2017. “Cement sales in Uruguay have a high orientation to the domestic market and in general term...