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Alkali-activated materials

16 March 2021, Published under Cement News

While blastfurnace slag and metakaolin are known to produce a binder phase following alkali activation, the range of alkali-activated materials is wider than these two materials. This month Arthur Harrisson provides an overview of low-and high-calcium precursors that are subjected to alkali activation to produce binders. Figure 1: fly ash, a low-calcium AAM precursor Materials that arise as waste or a by-product from industrial processes other than Portland cement manufacture ha...

Alite hydration with alkalis

15 September 2014, Published under Cement News

The continued drive to optimise the use of cement in concrete mixes has sparked an interest in the hydration of alite in an alkaline environment. Research has shown that the presence of alkalis such as Na and K during alite hydration results in a higher amount of hydrated products and matrix densification. By Carolina Giraldo Torres, Ariel Berrío, Cementos Argos & Oscar Mendoza Reales, Jorge Iván Tobón, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. R&D at Cementos Argos, Colombia Almost two...