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Spanish cement consumption drops by 16% in March

22 April 2022, Published under Cement News

Cement consumption fell by 15.5 per cent in March, to 1,164,416t, according to Oficemen, Spain's cement association. This figure represents a loss of 213,479t compared to the same month last year, largely due to the transport strike, with a heterogeneous incidence throughout the national territory, said the association. “The situation resulting from the stoppage of transport has already been corrected in our industry and, currently, the supply chain to and from our factories is operati...

PCA Spring Economic forecast growth of 1% for US cement demand in 2022

07 April 2022, Published under Cement News

Ed Sullivan, PCA executive vice-president and chief economist, reports that the PCA's Spring 2022 USA economy, construction market and cement consumption forecasts were given a new layer of risk with the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The two external forecast considerations are COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukraine war. The war can add to inflation and affect monetary policy. COVID-19 can add to consumer confidence, if it recedes and this would raise cement consumption.   The PCA...

Kenyan sees record cement consumption in July

27 October 2021, Published under Cement News

Kenya’s cement consumption grew to 726,823t in July, the highest in the last decade records the Kenyan National Bureau of Statistics.   The record demand is linked to several ongoing mega infrastructure projects such as, the Nairobi Expressway, Dogo Kundu Bypass, James Gichuru-Rironi highway, Nairobi Western Bypass and dam construction.

Spanish cement consumption rises 13% in 8M20

01 October 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement consumption in Spain has grown by 13 per cent YoY in the first eight months of the year, reaching 9,581,951t, says Oficemen, Spain's cement association. In the current scenario, Oficemen estimates that the year will close with growth of nine per cent, when compared to 2020. This would consumption to reach 14.6Mt, similar to the 14.72Mt reported for 2019, the last year not affected by restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The forecasts for 2021 would be in line with t...

PCA outlines regional US cement consumption growth trends for 2021-23

19 August 2021, Published under Cement News

The PCA's Market Intelligence team has released its latest US regional cement consumption forecasts from its June 2021 economic update, which did not take into account the possible passing of an Infrastructure Bill.   The country's western territory consists of the Rocky Mountains (RM) and the Pacific Region (PR). The RM led the US in cement consumption in 2020 with a growth of 11.5 per cent, whereas the PR only managed 0.1 per cent growth, with California managing 2.2 per cent grow...

Vietnam's cement exports surge while domestic prices rise

01 June 2021, Published under Cement News

Vietnam's Department of Building Materials, Ministry of Construction, reports that in the first four months of 2021, the country’s consumption of cement products is estimated to reach 34.58Mt, up 16.5 per cent YoY.  Domestic consumption accounted for around 19.44Mt, a slight increase over the same period last year, while cement exports surged to 65 per cent over 2020 to 15.14Mt.  Besides gains in consumption, many cement companies also raised product prices. Accordingly, Vicem Hoang Ma...

French cement consumption expected to recover in 2021

28 May 2021, Published under Cement News

Cement consumption in France fell 7.5 per cent to an estimated 17.891Mt in 2020 with demand in 2021 forecast at 19.039Mt, up 6.5 per cent YoY, according to CIC Market Solutions. Ready-mix concrete production in FY20 contracted 9.1 per cent to 36.994Mm 3 when expressed in constant working days. In the first quarter of 2021, output saw a 23 per cent YoY jump but edged up 1.1 per cent when compared with the 1Q19. Cement producers such as Lafarge France and Ciments Français announced a price...

Canacem pronounces 2020 the best year for Mexican cement in the last 5 years

18 May 2021, Published under Cement News

Yanina Navarro, director of Mexico's Cement Association (CanaCem), has said that overall 2020 has been the best cement production year for the Mexican cement industry in the last five years.  Navarro told bnAmericas that in January the industry reported a production volume of 4.2Mt, which is 533,000t and 669,000t more than the same month of 2020 and 2019, respectively, according to data from statistics institute Inegi.  However, the total production volume and value for last year ...

Ethiopia's cement sector is on the brink of transition

12 March 2021, Published under Cement News

This week the construction of the Lemi National Cement industrial Complex by East Africa Holdings (National Cement) and West China Cement Ltd in the Amhara region of Ethiopia was announced. This privately-owned industrial park will invest US$2.2bn into the production of building materials, including a 10,000tpd cement plant, adding 3.3Mta to domestic cement capacity and is scheduled to take 18 months to complete. It will take 5-7 years to before the complex is fully complete. Cement ...

PCA warns US cement consumption will take time to recover

04 March 2021, Published under Cement News

The PCA's Market Intelligence Group announced its February outlook on the economy and cement consumption in the US. It stated that COVID-19 is expected to remain an elevated drag on the economic recovery as consumer spending is cautious and accounts for two-thirds of every US dollar generated in US GDP. While COVID-19 relief programmes have prevented the US economy slipping further, by themselves they are not expected to generate growth. US vaccine supply will be at its highest in the ...