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PCA's US cement consumption regional forecast review

21 August 2020, Published under Cement News

This week ICR looks at the regional briefings that the Portland Cement Association (PCA) has given for the economic and cement demand outlook in the USA, following COVID-19. Western region Brian Schmidt, PCA Regional Economist for the western USA, reported that both the Rocky Mountain (RM) and Pacific divisions have been hit hard by a fall in construction work. April cement consumption for Washington was down over 40 per cent, after Governor Jay Inslee announced in March that construction...

Bangladesh: overcoming industry pressures

20 July 2020, Published under Cement News

Cement demand in Bangladesh has been growing fast and potential is strong. However, in 2019 producers faced a number of setbacks, added to which now is the COVID-19 impact. By EBL Securities Ltd, Bangladesh. Although a booming sector with great potential, a number of challenges remain for the cement producers in Bangladesh From unfavourable tax measures to escalating raw material prices, intensified competition, price wars, the weakening taka (BDT), slowing demand and increas...

Pakistan dispatches drop in May, slip in 11MFY19-20

04 June 2020, Published under Cement News

All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) released local/overseas dispatches data for May and the 11MFY19-20. May 2020 Total cement dispatches (domestic + export volumes) were only 2.63Mt in May 2020 against 4.12Mt in May 2019 representing a 36.1 per cent drop. The decline in cement dispatches is mainly due to Ramzan, COVID-19 and Eid holidays, which slow the construction activity. Domestic cement consumption in the north was 2Mt in May 2020 against 3.05Mt in May 2019. Con...

Puerto Rican cement sales decline 61% in April

18 May 2020, Published under Cement News

Sales of cement in Puerto Rico fell 55.1 and 60.6 per cent in March and April 2020, respectively, according to the country’s Instituto de Estadísticas. In March 2020 526,500 bags of 94lb, or 22,496t were sold while in April the offtake reached 451,300 bags or 19,283t. The drop in sales was attributed to the lockdown and the production stop due to the coronavirus. Cement production fell 59.2 per cent to 493,300 bags (21,077t) in March and 49.5 per cent to 377,200 bags (16,117t) in April.

Pakistan's April dispatches hit by COVID-19

07 May 2020, Published under Cement News

All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers' Association (APCMA) released dispatch figures for April 2020 and cumulative 10MFY19-20, showing mixed impact of COVID-19. Cement dispatches in the country have declined in April 2020 by 23.7 per cent to 3.52Mt from 4.61Mt in April 2019 as both exports and domestic markets crashed, owing to the considerable impact of COVID-19. However, total dispatches inched up by 3.5 per cent to 40.55Mt in the first 10 months of the current financial year when compared t...

US cement consumption to drop 30.9 per cent in second quarter

20 April 2020, Published under Cement News

The US cement consumption will drop 30.9 per cent in second quarter, according the Ed Sullivan, Chief Economist, Portland Cement Association (USA). Sullivan was speaking during the Cemtech Live Webinar on 15 April 2020, which was attended by over 400 participants from the global cement industry. Sullivan was due to speak at the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on 20 April, but the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Watch the full presentation here

Cement consumption in Brazil slips 1% in January 2020

26 February 2020, Published under Cement News

Cement sales in Brazil slipped 0.9 per cent YoY to 4.5Mt in January 2020, according to the country’s cement association, SNIC. Apparent cement consumption, which includes imports and domestic sales, totalled 4.5Mt, representing a 1.3 per cent decline when compared with January 2019. SNIC attributes the marginal drop to poor performance in the north, where sales contracted 4.8 per cent YoY, and the south, which saw a 3.2 per cent fall. In both cases, it blamed the heavy rains that hit the r...

PCA: US cement consumption to sustain growth into 2022

06 February 2020, Published under Cement News

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) has held a press conference at the 2020 World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada, where PCA Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Ed Sullivan, predicted cement consumption to stay at moderate growth levels through 2020-21 and into 2022. PCA Market Intelligence expects cement consumption will grow by 1.7 per cent in 2020. The potential for stronger-than-expected construction in residential construction could add one full percentage point to this out...

World cement consumption rises by 2.8% in 2019

24 January 2020, Published under Cement News

Following two years of modest decline, world cement consumption is estimated to have expanded by 2.8 per cent to 4.08bnt in 2019, according to industry statistics recently published in The Global Cement Report, 13th Edition . The rise in demand is largely accounted for by the expansion of the Chinese cement market in 2019, which reached an estimated 2.28bnt, up 4.9 per cent on the year before, and accounting for 56 per cent of global consumption. Share of cement consumption – C...

Cement demand in Spain down 3% in June

26 July 2019, Published under Cement News

Cement consumption in Spain fell 2.9 per cent to 1.2Mt in June 2019, the first drop in monthly demand since November 2018. The drop has been attributed to a slow public works sector Despite the positive evolution of housing, the non-reactivation of public works and the delay of the work already tendered is slowing the growth of cement consumption," said Oficemen President, Jesus Ortiz. Cement exports declined by 32 per cent in June 2019 to 450,728t when compared with June 2018. Mr Ortiz ex...