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Lithuania’s limestone reserves sufficient for decades to come

24 February 2017, Published under Cement News

In 2016 cement companies mined around 680,000m 3 of limestone suitable for cement production in Lithuania, according to the Lithuanian Geological Survey (LGT). This represents a small decrease when compared with the 688,000m 3 recorded annually on average over the last five years. Lithuania’s sole cement producer Akmenes Cementas receives its limestone in the Karpenai quarry in Akmenes District. In addition, the company also uses Triassic clay in the country deepest pit, the Saltiski...

Algeria: Beni Saf acquires three quarries

23 November 2015, Published under Cement News

Société des Cements de Beni Saf has acquired three quarries to supply its second production line. The Dhayet Smaâ quarry has an estimated limestone reserve of 78.66Mt. In addition, the clay deposits of Koudiet El Tine (24.3Mt) and El Ancer will also supply the 2Mta cement line. The cement producer has acquired the quarries, which cover an area of 370ha, for a record DZD1.005bn (US$9.3m). Exploration work will be carried by CETIM, the Centre for Study and Technology Service of the Constr...