Anhui Conch - August 2015

Anhui Conch has reportedly signed an agreement to construct a 2Mta cement plant in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Located on the Volga River in the west of the country, Ulyanovsk lies 893km from Moscow. The new plant is rumoured to be costing US$274m.

Cement demand is expected to be strong in the region following the announcement of over 325 infrastructure projects over the last five years. Over half of these are due to be realised in 2015-2020 with some planned to finish closer to 2030. In total the projects represent an infrastructure spend of almost US$970bn. Most of the budget is being spent on railway transport infrastructure development including high-speed railway projects and road and bridge construction.

In terms of the number of projects, the power and utilities sector leads the way including electric power supply, water supply and gas supply infrastructure projects. The majority of the building work is expected to take place in the west of Russia where economic activity is more buoyant with a higher population density than the east.