International Cement Review articles tagged under : Environment

16 September 2016

Ignore FSI potential at your peril

Dekra Insight outlines why any potential for serious injury is something that cannot be ignored by cement plants.

31 August 2016

Best practice in karst mining

The high biodiversity and ecological sensitivity of karst areas presents additional challenges in terms of sustainable mining practices to cement producers as they mine for the limestone required by their production ...

25 July 2016

Raw MSW gasification at Conch Tongling Cement

To enable Conch Tongling Cement to burn a higher rate of alternative fuels, an integrated gasification system was installed and duly tested. The system converts organic or fossil fuel-derived carbonaceous materials i...

20 July 2016

Carbon capture breakthrough

The Low Emissions and Intensity Lime and Cement Consortium oversees trials to capture CO2 at HeidelbergCement's Lixhe plant in Belgium.

Next-generation cement carriers 11 July 2016

Next-generation cement carriers

The first LNG/MGO-fuelled cement carrier is launched.

08 June 2016

Future-proofing fuel management

Saxlund works towards sustainable waste fuel handling in cement production.

The SEACON project 08 June 2016

The SEACON project

The SEACON project is a new research initiative into the production of an innovative concrete, containing high-chloride constituents (ie, cement, water and aggregates) in combination with non-corrosive reinforcement....

25 May 2016

California’s changing climate

King & Spalding show how California is leading the way in legislation to mitigate climate change.

09 May 2016

The US AF evolution

Environmental Evolution looks at how far US AF usage had progressed and how much further it might develop.

14 March 2016

WHR in island mode

Aslan Çimento, Turkey, explains the benefits of operating a waste heat recovery system in island mode.

04 January 2016

Particulate matter in the bag

Redecam outlines the evolution of filter bags to trap increasingly smaller particulate matter, with its Bi-Jet Bag Cleaning System designed to increase flow and volume.

16 December 2015

Towards COP21

The UN Framework Convention for Climate Change meets in Paris in December. Top of the agenda is a new international agreement on climate change targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and better share information.

04 November 2015

Tourah’s bag filter switch

OYK Consultants reports on the ESP-to-baghouse conversion at Tourah Cement's Kiln Line 8 in Egypt.

14 October 2015

Going the alternative route

Taiheiyo Engineering designs an alternative fuel feeding unit for Negeri Sembilan Cement Industries, Malaysia

14 September 2015

A truly circular economy

Cembureau raises some key points that should be borne in mind for the upcoming EC circular economy package.

19 August 2015

Harnessing CO2

Lafarge explores the possibilities for CO2 mitigation and carbon capture and storage for the cement industry.