International Cement Review articles tagged under : Market Reports

20 August 2014

A bumpy recovery

Infrastructure demand should prop up Central American cement demand, but weak economies are vulnerable to rising interest rates. Rob Roy surveys Central American cement markets and assesses future growth trends.

25 June 2014

Europe's reshuffle

The European market is seeing signs of recovery while on the corporate level, the landscape has seen a number of changes with more on the cards. ICR investigates which markets and producers are likely to gain.

18 June 2014

Set for rationalisation?

ICR looks at the prognosis for South Korea's cement market as overcapacity burdens persist.

04 November 2014

Malaysia’s steady rise

Ahead of Cemtech Asia 2014, to be held in Kuala Lumpur, ICR reports on the steady growth of Malaysia's cement market as government infrastructure plans and private investment offer reasons for optimism.

Australia's changing dynamics 27 May 2014

Australia's changing dynamics

Australia's cement industry is going through a major transition period with up to 30 per cent of its cement now beginning life as imported Asian clinker as domestic producers set out to cut their CO2 emissions.

20 May 2014

Crossing the Andes

Grupo Bancolombia assesses the possibilities for further growth in Colombia's cement market and offers an overview of demand prospects going forward.

Brazil: a view on the future 19 May 2014

Brazil: a view on the future

Brazil has a long tradition of environmentally-friendly cement production and looks forward to meeting future challenges in enhancing the sustainability of its cement industry.

28 April 2014

Russia: open to investment

The Russian cement sector is transforming into a modern and more energy-efficient industry with significant investment in new capacity. ICR takes a close look at the market and some of the projects nearing completion.

16 April 2014

DC market developments

Rob Roy examines Washington DC’s market trends, outlining how the Great Recession has affected sales.

14 April 2014

Happy days again ... almost

Ed Sullivan, PCA, points towards an economic revival in the USA and increased domestic cement consumption.

07 April 2014

India: adjusting to new times

India’s cement industry calls for new stimulus measures to boost demand and help absorb overcapacity.

26 March 2014

Angola: expanding an industry

Angola's cement market is just beginning to expand after a long civil. Domestic cement producers are looking to make Angola self-sufficient in cement.

17 March 2014

China: consolidating supply

While China's cement demand is likely to moderate, industry consolidation is expected to accelerate as producers face stricter environmental controls, elimination of inefficient capacity and restrictions on new projec...

04 March 2014

Global grinding start-ups

ICR reports on where new grinding stations are being located and the equipment they are installing.

05 February 2014

Oman's vision for growth

Gulf Baader Capital Markets analyses the growth of Oman's cement markets where producers are beginning to satisfy the market through increases in capacity and the prospects for the industry going forward remain upbeat.

03 February 2014

GCC: long-term focus

Global Investment House provides a detailed report into cement trends and producer activity in the GCC region where confidence is returning to markets and expansion plans are in progress.