Impact of COVID-19 on the cement industry: Live Webinar

Impact of COVID-19 on the cement industry

Impact of COVID-19 on the cement industry
Live Webinar

Date: Wednesday 15th April 2020
Time: 14.00hrs London (GMT+1)
Duration: 60mins
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Hosted by Thomas Armstrong, Managing Editor, International Cement Review (UK)

Industry experts:
•    Impact of COVID-19 pandemic the US economy and cement sector: Ed Sullivan, PCA Economist (USA)
•    Cement plant readiness during the COVID-19 pandemic: Dr Michael Clark, Technical Consultant, International Cement Review and Whitehopleman (UK)
•    Managing your costs and cash in a crisis: Peter Hoddinott, Independent Consultant, Former President Cembureau, Former CEO Lafarge Africa

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, this live webinar will explore the immediate impact on the cement industry, provide an update on market indicators and economic outlook, and explore practical measures for companies and plants. Issues addressed will include:

•    How have cement producers reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic so far across the world and in the United States?
•    What does the data show regarding construction activity and market impact?
•    When can we expect a recovery and how long could it take for markets to recover?
•    What should cement plants be doing to manage the situation at their facilities?
•    How can cement businesses best manage their cash and costs and best prepare themselves for a return to business?

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