Cemtech Live Webinar: Clinker reduction advances in Asia

Cemtech Live Webinar: Clinker reduction advances in Asia

Cemtech Live Webinar: Clinker reduction advances in Asia

Date: Wednesday 25 November
Time: 08.30am UK Time / 15.30 Indonesia
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Driven by the need to reduce CO2 emissions as well as produce more sophisticated and advanced products, the cement industry has intensified its research into new low-clinker cements. This webinar will focus on developments in the field of clinker reduction and novel cements in the wider Asian region, with experts in calcined clays, SCMs and regional producers all sharing their latest insights.

Limestone calcined clays and their potential in Asia: Dr Soumen Maity, LC3 Technology Resource Centre (India)
EPP processed palm oil refinery residue as supplementary cementitious material: Martin Wilkes and Kavidasan Kalibaskaran, EcoOils (Malaysia/Indonesia)
Innovative and environmentally-friendly pozzolana cements: Florence Siador, Big Boss Cement Inc (Philippines)

Florence Siador has worked as a senior quality manager for Big Boss Cement since 2016. In this role, Florence implements and ensures the compliance of all product and raw materials to the relevant quality tests, while also managing the quality management system.