Cemtech Live Webinar: Advanced pyroprocessing and kiln control technologies

 Cemtech Live webinar Advanced pyroprocessing and kiln control technologies

Date: Wednesday, 3 March 2021
Time: 14:00 (UK time)
Venue: Zoom
Free registration:

This webinar will present the latest pyroprocessing technologies and process control expertise for kiln and cooler optimisation and a reduced environmental impact. Issues addressed will include emissions reduction, including CO2 and NOx, clinker quality, fuel cost reduction, alternative fuels and refractory management. Companies participating in this webinar include Cemex (Mexico), Synhelion (Switzerland), Mirion Technologies (IST) Ltd (UK), HGH Infrared Systems (France) and Calderys (France).

The future of pyroprocessing: Davide Zampini, Cemex (Switzerland), and Gianluca Ambrosetti, Synhelion (Switzerland)
Spyrometer™ cement: John Window, Mirion Technologies (IST) Ltd (UK)
Complete shell temperature monitoring for any kiln configuration: Catherine Barrat and Jérôme Duez, HGH Infrared Systems (France)
UniverCEM® – the refractory solution helping cement plants meet their sustainability goals: Michael Louen, Calderys (France)