Cemtech Live Webinar: Cement Plant Maintenance and Asset Reliability

Cemtech Live Webinar: Cement plant maintenance and asset reliability

Title: Cement Plant Maintenance and Asset Reliability
Date: Wednesday, 12 January 2022
Time: 14:00 UK

This webinar explored solutions for improving cement plant maintenance, including a review of common maintenance and reliability issues, techniques for assessing equipment condition, as well as more advanced maintenance technologies.

The three presentations addressed the benefits of predictive maintenance with cutting-edge industry 4.0 monitoring to reduce unexpected downtime and maintenance costs, refractory assembly and repair solutions including robotics, and the role of remote servicing for plant operation and maintenance.

Confirmed speakers include:
Smart conveying – prevent downtime under extreme conditions with PREMAS® 4.0: Robert Morris, Aumund (Germany)
New dimension of refractories – Quadriga & Co: Oliver Dreweskracht, MÖLLER FUERFESTTECHNIK (Germany)
How to improve cement plant performance thanks to remote assistance: Thorsten Nogli, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Germany)