The Indian Holcim subsidiary Ambuja Cements has acquired an 85% stake in the Nepalese company Dang Cement Industries. Dang Cement owns limestone rights in Nepal, but has yet to start building a cement plant. Ambuja Cements is currently in the process of negotiating to buy a further 5% of the Dang Cement equity. Ambuja Cements produced 2.7% less cement in the month of June at 1.65Mt, while production was just 0.1% lower at 1.70Mt. For the six months, production was off by 0.5% to 10.97Mt, while despatches of cement and clinker moved ahead by 1.3% to 11.03Mt.

ACC Limited, rhe other main Holcim subsidiary in India, has reported a 7% increase in both cement production and cement for the month of June. This takes cement production for the first half of the calendar year to 11.03Mt, an increase of 0.8%. Cement deliveries were 1.1% higher at 11.00Mt.