ACC Limited, one of Holcim's two main subsidiaries in India, generated a first quarter turnover 3.5% ahead at INR2,240.38 crore (€380.0m) with cement deliveries being 2.6% lower at 5.58m tonnes. The pre-tax profit was off by 2.1% to INR564.55 crore (€95.7m) and the net profit by 1.6% to INR392.88 crore (€66.6m). The Bargarh expansion project in Orissa was completed in the quarter, raising the capacity there to 2.1m tonnes per annum. ACC reports good growth in cement demand, in particular for infrastructure projects.

Ambuja Cements, on the other hand, reported a 4.3% increase in cement sales to 5.27m tonnes. Domestic deliveries advanced by 7.7% to 5.14m tonnes while exports were cut back by 53.4% to 0.13m tonnes, as export demand was weak compared with domestic demand. Demand was particularly strong in the eastern and western regions, but was comparatively softer in the south. However, Ambuja Cements still had to buy in clinker to satisfy demand for its cement, though two new clinker plants, each with an annual capacity of 2.2m tonnes were wrought into commercial production at Bhatapara in Chhattisgarh and at Rauri in Himachai Pradesh. Two new grinding plants were also commissioned, at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh at Nalagarh in Himachai Pradesh, each with a 1.5m tonnes annual capacity. The turnover rose by 7.8% to INR1,998 crore (€337.8m) and the EBITDA increased by 20.5% to INR651 crore (€110.4m). The running profit before tax rose by 20.2% to INR590 crore (€100.1m) and the net profit by 38.3% to INR462 crore (€78.4m).