HeidelbergCement's preliminary figures show a drop in turnover of 21.6% in 2009 to €11,117m, with the EBITDA falling by 28.6% to €2,102m and the trading profit by 38.6% to €1,317m. The financial situation has been improved through the increased the equity base and the subsequent improvement in the debt profile.   

Capital expenditure is currently expected to amount to some €850m in 2010, but spending could be spread over a longer period if markets do not show the anticipated improvement. Due to the continued weakness in mature markets, HeidelbergCement has targeted an additional €300m savings under its 'FitnessPlus 2010' cost saving programme.

Shipments of cementitous materials declined by 10.9% to 79.3m tonnes. The aggregates volume dropped by 20.0% to 239.5m tonnes, while ready-mixed concrete shipments were down by 21.2% to 35.0m m³ and sales of asphalt declined by 17.2% to 10.0m tonnes.

In India, HeidelbergCement is building an additional 5,000 tonnes per day kiln at its Narsingarh works, which should come on stream towards the end of 2011, and is also increasing the grinding capacity at the Imlai works.