PT Indocement - January 2019

Two of PT Indocement’s cement plants have received 2018 Green PROPER ratings for their environmental efforts. The factories in question are the Palimanan and the Citeureup plants. PROPER is a programme conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia since 1995 to measure companies’ performance in managing the environment. It stands for Program for Pollution Control, Evaluation and Rating and is designed to promote compliance with pollution control regulations, contribution to “clean technology” and ensure better environmental management systems.

The programme uses a colour-coded rating ranging from gold (excellent performance), to green, blue, red and black (poor performance). A green rating implies that the factories’ environment management procedures go beyond the expected compliance level. The awards were presented to Troy D Soputro, director of PT Indocement, and Budiono Hendranata, general manager of the Palimanan plant, on 27 December 2018.