PT Semen Indonesia - March 2019

In February 2019 Semen Indonesia sold a total of 3,095,309t of cement and clinker. This compares to 2,495,779t in the previous month. Semen Indonesia contributed 2,156,914t to the February total, mainly from domestic sales (1,856,142t) but also exports (300,772t). This was slightly down on the 2,357,381t reported in January this year. A further 133,457t was added by TLCC in February, made up of 40,541t to the domestic market and 92,916t in exports. Again this was slightly down on the 138,398t seen in the previous month. 

PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia (SBI), the new name for Holcim Indonesia, which was acquired by Semen Indonesia in January this year, contributed a further 804,938t in sales, split between the domestic market (765,432t) and exports (39,506t). This was notably down on the 941,368t sold in January. This puts the year so far figure for Semen Indonesia, including TLCC and SBI, at 6,532,456t.

Looking at the domestic market as a whole, February saw total cement and clinker sales in Indonesia of 4,924,977t, according to the Indonesia Cement Association. This compares to 5,621,904t in the previous month. The February total was dominated by Sumatra which saw sales of 1,032,360t, followed by West Java (758,847t) and East Java (652,763t). A further 421,278t of cement and clinker was exported, taking the grand total for the month (domestic sales + exports) to 5,346,255t, down from the 5,869,441t recorded in January this year.