Cementos Argos - July 2019

Colombia’s superintendent of industry and commerce has awarded Cementos Argos a patent of invention for the formulation and method of obtaining ultra-high performance concrete or advanced concrete. The company began research and development of the concrete back in 2014 before commercialising it in 2017. “This patent is the result of perseverance and teamwork to continue to consolidate as a company that is committed to innovation and that is concerned with providing extraordinary solutions to its customers,” said Daniel Duque, manager of research and development at Argos.

According to Mr Duque, the concrete offers a resistance seven times higher than that of conventional concrete, which gives it high strength and durability, outstanding seismic performance and versatility. With greater mechanical resistance and resistance to chemical attacks, the concrete can increase the useful life of their projects as well as reducing their maintenance costs. It enables the building of lighter structures with better structural behaviour and greater complexity, expanding the creative options for designers and architects.