Anhui Conch - August 2019

In the six months ending 30 June 2019, Anhui Conch reported revenue of CNY71.64bn (US$10.01bn), up 56.6 per cent YoY. Profit attributable to equity shareholders came in at CNY15.28bn over the same period, an increase of 17.8 per cent YoY. The increase is being partly attributed to bulk procurement of raw materials and fuel, in the face of rising prices, and optimised resource allocation, leading not only to improved results but also better operational quality.

Over the same period, the company saw its net sales volume of cement and clinker advance by 41.6 per cent YoY to 202Mt, while revenue from the cement and clinker business was up 52.7 per cent to CNY68.4bn. One cement grinding unit, two aggregate projects and one commercial concrete product project were put into production in the first half of this year, boosting the company’s production capacity of cement, clinker, aggregates and concrete to 355Mt, 252Mt, 40.7Mt and 1.2Mm3, respectively. During the period, around CNY3468m was spent on capex, primarily on the construction of cement and clinker production lines overseas.

Meanwhile, Anhui Conch has recently placed an order with thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions for four new polab® laboratory automation systems, making it the largest-ever contract in the field of laboratory automation. Two of the systems will be installed at the world’s largest cement plants in Wuhu and Tongling in eastern China. 

The polab® laboratory automation system uses industrial robots to ensure consistently high product quality at minimum production costs, according to thyssenkrupp. It not only enables cement producers to respond to growing quality and environmental requirements, but it also helps them to record and monitor quality data promptly and intervene in the production process as necessary – a vital tool given the increasing use of substitute fuels and raw materials.