Semen Indonesia - September 2019

In August 2019 the Semen Indonesia group sold a total of 3,960,297t of cement and clinker. This compares to 3,820,717t in the previous month.

Semen Indonesia contributed 2,788,895t to the August total, a contraction of 3.96 per cent YoY, mainly from domestic sales (2,465,795t) but also exports (323,101t). TLCC added a further 141,520t, a YoY decline of 29.77 per cent, made up of 125,019t to the domestic market and 16,501t overseas. PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia (SBI) sold 1,029,882t in August this year, up 6.49 per cent on the 967,099t sold in the same month last year and an advance on the 940,551t sold in July 2019. SBI’s August 2019 total was split between domestic sales of 932,689t and exports of 97,193t.

These latest figures take the groups’ year-to-date total sales to 25,219,754t, which marks a 21.52 per cent improvement on the same period last year.