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Cement strength

We have 8 cement mills and till now we were operating it in open circuit . Recently we converted it to closed circui...

Prevention of radiation losses

Does coatings on the kiln shell help in reducing radiation and convection losses. If yes then which is cheapest and ...

Fan law

Can anybody clarify about fan law which says that Volumetric flow rate changes with change in fan speed but not wit...

Nitrogen gas in VRM

Why is it that only Nitrogen gas is used in Hydraulic cylinder of VRM. Is there any specific reason? Are there any al...


can anybody explain me abt the flame formation mechanism , flame momentum and swirl number.

Kiln Torque

what is kiln torque.when it increases or decreases and why? What is meant by saying kiln torque in %  

Loacation of driving unit of Ball Mills

Why the driving unit of the ball mill is located at the discharge side and not at the feed end. what happens if it i...


Why it is necessary to maintain Mill Outlet Temperature in 1. Ball Mill  (as Raw Mill) 2. VRM (as Raw Mill) 3.COA...

Re: Cyclone Draft

Thank You very much Sir.

Re: Cyclone Draft

Thank you very much as your answers are really helping me out. Now , if we increase the feed rate , what should hap...