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Re: Kiln Floating

Dear Komar,  The position of Kiln Tires with respect to Rollers is different in Cold Condition & Hot Condition. The...

Cement Transport by F.K.Pump

Will somebody guide me how to calculate volume and pressure of compressed air is required when following are given:  ...

Re: Cement Shelf life

  Dear    Dear Sir,  Cement ,when stored for a long time absorbs moisture and hence can nod be used.      Self l...

Re: Fan law

With change of speed volume does change but with change of density volume does not change as long as motor does not ...

Re: Clinker Grindability

D                D               Dear Shyam, If Clinker contais high percantage of C2S grindibilit...

Re: Clinker Grindability

Dear Mr. Dastgir, Increasing the residue shall increase the Free Lime content in Clinker which is detremental to Ce...

Re: Clinker Grindability

Dear Mr. Shyam, Kindly let me know the C2S content in Clinker. Regards, BPJ