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Dear Arman, If you have a cement mill with seprator system and the reject of that seprator is back to your mill...

re water spray on clinker to reduce FCao

water spray is used to cool down the clinker rather than to control the free lime and water spray can increase the...

Re: refractory consumption

Dear Azhar, Normally the refractory consumption at 500-600 gm/Tons of clinker is considered as good.  

Re: condensation in the kiln

Dear Azhar, Try to keep air tight your kiln  and if possible burn some waste wood into the  kiln as moisture is rea...


Dear Experts, We have kiln with diameter 4.8 M and we are using 220 MM thickness bricks. I want to change the brick...

Raw Mill main drive

Dear Experts, We change the NDE bearing of raw mill main drive (3.3 MW) , with decouple condition it was taking 74-...

Re: Chloride

Dear Sir,  thank you very much for you fruitful comment but im unable to understand that with by pass system hos it...

Re: snow man

There are different reasons behind the formation of snow man  like raw meal chemistry, clinker burning , air distrib...


Dear Experts, We have 0.048 % chloride in Kiln feed and in 0.078 % how can i verify the chloride % in the clinker. ...

Clinker Hanrdess

What are other factors which shows the clinker hardness beside lt. Wt.   regards,   Sheikh