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re Long thickening time Class G cement

Please send your mail id.

re Drop of kiln feed rate

Dear BLM, Can you please inform what is the method you are following for chemical analysis? Is there any cha...

re Coating on Nose ring

Hellow, What is your secondary and tertiary air temperature? If you are maintaining low bed at the cooler in...

re Coating on Nose ring

Hello, You need to optimize the cooler operation to avoid nose ring coating formation. What type of cooler y...


The high free lime may be due to incomplete combustion. That is why you are getting high calcination. The fuel is ...

re PH temp. profile

You noted that your fourth cyclone dip tube also damaged. Whether the damage is full? All dip tubes removed? Have ...

re High free lime in clinker

Please Check the following: The silica modulus in the kiln feed for any abnormality The free silica in Kil...

re duda cement book

Dear Mr.Elwathig, Please send me a copy. Thank you. My mail id:

re kiln unstable

First try to remove snow man. If you have air blasters in the cooler use it. The other method to dislodge sn...

re Separator Efficiency Formula derivation

I believe you are asking the remaining formulae? If it is so, please send your mail id. I will send it to yo...