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re High IR in Puzzolanic and Lst

 Sir What mean by pozzolanice is it Fly Ash or  China Clay and I.R% is also upto 90% found in flyash depending upo...

OPC & PPC Strength

PPC Produced from one clikner-1 is having more or less same strength as strength with Clinker -2, But in OPC st...

Re: Unsoundness vs. Fineness

Dear Sir   Yhnaks for your nice reply , generally problem of expansion is more in OPC , presently residue +45 mic ...


Dear Sir   can you please send me excel sheet for calculation of Raw mix to clinker mass balance at yadavd@shreec...

Re: Unsoundness vs. Fineness

Dear Ted Sir What may be reason for unsoundness of coarser cement ?? I Think this is due to increase of voids ...

Re: Silica vs. Free CaO

If you increase LSF there is possibility of increasing free lime ,to compensate you can grind Raw Meal finer this wil...

Re: C3A

Dear Friend Neorw In our OPC C3A~ 8.0 so setting time is ~135 (initial) and ~ 185 (final) while in case of PPC C3...

Re: Material and Heat Balance for Clinkering

kindly also send me at yadavd@shreecementltd.com

Re: C3A

if C3A is higher than reaction of Ettringite formation will faster it will set quickly. dilip yadav


If we maintain 10 & 20% residue on +45 mic in OPC so our 1,3,7,days strength will be different for both case but wha...