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Inorganic process addition of cement

Dear all, The most of Inorganic process addition I found are fly ash and slag. Are there any other material cou...

How to optimize the operation of cement mill for improving cement strength?

Dears There're 4 cement producing line in the plant and the cement strength are quite different for individuals...

Coal Lost (or Waste) Caused by Rain in open yard

Dear Experts,  We are so eager to know if there are any formula、information、models or references that could eas...

Raw Coal, Pulverized Coal and Preheater exhaust temperature

Dear Sirs: In this month, our plant used the new shipment of raw coal as the fuel and we found that gas from fi...

re Quality control of Limestone by PGNAA

Hello Ted,    Thank you for your kindly response for this question.  The performance of your PGNAA looks pre...

Quality control of Limestone by PGNAA

Dear Sir,   I am interested about quality control of limestone by PGNAA.   There are many papers about using PG...