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Effect of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in Clinker manufacture

Can any body share the the effect of high H2S in clinker production as well as effects on coating / refractory / cho...

Inert Gas plant

How do determine the capacity of Inert gas(Nitrogen) plant for a coal mill circuit. Is it based on the fine coal  hop...

Max Capacity of Single string Preheater

What is the maximum Clinker production Capacity achieved in any Single string preheater in the world? Can any body gi...

Liquid calculation formulae @ 1450 deg C temperature

What is the  formulae used for Liquid calculation at 1450 deg C? is it 1.13 C3A+1.35C4AF+MgO+ Na2O +K2O  or  1....


What are the  Advantages/ disadvantages  of Circular / longitudinal stock piles.  How to calculate blending eff...

Residence time inside Kiln

I know the formula for calculating residence time. But in that formula the % Calcination is not a parameter. Hence i...