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snowman on burner pipe

Dos anybody have any document proving 'co' formation at kiln inlet because of snowman n burner pipe.

Re: cement plant cost

Clark, you have considered 60 $ / Ton, Asian countries like india would get same cement plant with 35 $/ ton. if ...

Re: Breaking News: Explosion in Cement Plant

Very good information for us, thank you. I have been in gas firing since last 15 years in cement. sorry to say but,...

Re: Ring Formation

OK Vikpro, To best of my experience in cement industry, there is no sure technic which would break balls in kiln. I...

Cement mill Residue

Sir, We have a ball mill for cement grinding. The residue on 45 mic is 15 to 16 % for blains value of 3400 cm²/grms...

Mathameticle model

Does anybody has mathamaticle model for double string preheater. Just wanted to know the expected parameters at var...

Maximum kiln potential

Dear Clark, Just wanted to share your valuable experience, what can be maximum possible thermal and volumetric load...