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Abrasive resistant material

Dear all  Did anyone have experience of using  abrasive resistant coating materials for gas pipes (especially from ...

Re: central air pressure

Dear Rahul, Raj Sahu is correct, in equal conditions, when pressure is increasing, the velosity is increasing too. Y...

Re: Kiln operation suggestion.

In general I am agree with Dr Clark and Bilal. It is clear that meal in the case become more burnable. You must defi...

Re: Very Hard coating!!

Dear cement lover , can you write me please kiln intlet temperature in both systems (old, new), raw meal chemical an...

Re: To Doctor Clark

Thank you for answering.

To Doctor Clark

Dear Mr Clark, if I don't want to subscribe magazine "Cement review", how can I get only "Cement Plant Operation Han...

Re: how to improve the firing of kiln Burnner

Daer haccr,  I see your raw meal characteristics (LSF, SM, AM) have high values, and these can effect on raw meal be...

Re: how to improve the firing of kiln Burnner

Dear haccr, I'm sure that you know, if there is high CO there is no normal conditions for firing fuel. Maybe there i...

Re: Kiln dust emission by preheater

Dear jalalco can you send me more kiln operation and other technological data for answering your question. I want to...

FOR Lalbatros

Dear Lalbatros how can I contact you by e-mail.