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re The world in 2016 and outlook for 2017

A full profile of the Bangladesh cement sector will appear in the Global Cement Report, 12th Edition - forthcoming...

re Cement plant handbook 6th edition

Receive your free copy of the revised 6th edition of the Cement Plant Operations Handbook with every subscription ...

Environmental Handbook

Dear Tech Forum Members, Later this year, we'll be publishing The Cement Plant Environmental Handbook, 2nd Edit...

Innovations in materials technology

Innovations in materials technology The October issue of ICR will feature an article by Nylacast (UK) on the ...

Facing up to the crisis

Earlier in the year, the blog looked at the series of disposals made by several multinational cement majors. The aim ...

Which way for Cemex?

Cemex’ current debt level remains worryingly high. Recent speculation has emerged about the group not being able to m...