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air temperature for cement transport

Good day all. What is the max air temperature for (sahara compressors) cement transport from a mill (pods) to the si...

Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

Good day. Is it possible for you to also send me a copy of the book. I will like to read to. Thanks.

reading material

Good day all. Does anyone have any good reading material (articles, excerpts etc) that would help me understand in...

Re: Stickiness of Cement

You also need to bear in mind the % gypsum vs % anhydrite you are feeding. A gypsum content between 40-50% and anhyd...

burning of aromatic hydrocarbons

Good day experts. Can someone tell me the possibility of burning aromatic hydrocarbons(liquid)  in a wet kiln in t...

clinker SO3 vs Gypsum

Good day all.  Can clinker SO3 perform the same functions as gypsum SO3 i.e. regulate setting time, control the rat...

water treatment

Good day all. I know this may be a bit outside the cement industry so please excuse me. Can anyone give me contact i...

Total alkali

Good day all. Can someone tell me why is total alkali in clinker/cement expressed as Sodium oxide and not Potassiu...

Re: silica (quartz vs silicate minerals)

Thank you Mr. Krapkat. You answer was very helpful.

silica (quartz vs silicate minerals)

Good day experts. Can you tell me what are the implications (if any) of using some silica in the quartz form rather...