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TimePosted 22/06/2008 13:56:22
kippy says

Sell Large Quantity of Cement OPC all grades, Clincker and Concrete

If you need Large Quantity of Cement only world's largest Traders can delivery, and not  improvised unknown Sellers. For that matter they never show their past Bill of Lading. Furthermore they sell through ridiculous conditions as:

1 ) the inexistent and absurd CIF ASWP

2) the POP showed ONLY Bank to Bank basis (that means you've to open the L/C without Proof of Product existence!).

Open your own eyes and don't waste your time, money and reputation chasing such a dangerous timewasters. For your safety and for your earning well, choice to deal only with reputable and serious source.

Our Sellers Track Records are immediately available as they are the World's Biggest Hard & Soft Commodity Players, with very large quantity in stock and -thanks to that- with the best prices of the Market. Thinking of getting more competitive prices is just a dream.

Our Cement Seller made the largest investment in the Ukrainian cement industry. Its products include cement, aggregates, asphalt and readymixed concrete and its 2006 revenue is more than $20 Billion, confirmed by Standard & Poor's.

We don't need LOIs, ICPOs, BCLs, etc. (often required from fake Sellers/Traders just to catch Buyer's Banking details). All our Suppliers accept payment with NON-Transferable L/C as they don't need to "Transfer" the credit to anyone! Hundred of Past records, Products and Factory visit available "BEFORE" to start negotiation.

Send us your inquiry and we will assist you to manage the deal.

Dear Broker, keep your own eyes wide open as Commodities Trading is not an email game, but the most important business in the world. For the same matter it is full of dreamers, improvised people and sharks ready to set a trap.

LQC Large Quantity Commodities


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TimePosted 24/06/2008 19:08:08

Re: Sell Large Quantity of Cement OPC all grades, Clincker and Concrete

We are a suadi Company with projects in the following countries ,

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Port , in 50 Kgs Bags ,wrapped in 1 MT bag

Yemen Aden Port ; same as above

United Arab Emirates Sharjah Port , Bulk in Vessel , Port unloading information will be given later.

Syria Tartous Port, 12,500 in 50 Kgs Bags wrapped in 1 MT Bag.

We are looking at 12,500 x 12 Months of 42.5 N/R Cement , as above (packing options)

The bagged options should be in 20FCL containers , 3 Ply paper bag in a PP bag ( 3 of these countries have high humidity, so the bags have to be as above.

We are looking for a real supplier from origins near the above ports to reduce Shipping Cost

Please send us your Offer , Information about seller, Origin suggested for each port.
ALL Above should carry BS ,EN and or ASTM standards.

Looking forward for your early response. ( <> )

 Name: Mr Reda AL HADDAD 


 Address: P. O. Box 140635, Jeddah 21333
 Country: Saudi Arabia
 Phone: 9662-670-8000
 Fax: 9662-670-8400


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TimePosted 25/06/2008 08:25:29
kippy says

Re: Sell Large Quantity of Cement OPC all grades, Clincker and Concrete

Dear Sir,

many thanks for your inquiry.

Please go to our website's "USEFUL TIPS" section and read with care the whole page, including "SUPPLIER SELLING CONDITION".

After that your inquiry will always be welcome (please use only our website  "FEEDBACK" section to send your request).

Best regards


LQC Large Quantity Commodities





Jan Janssen
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TimePosted 09/07/2008 16:05:31

Re: Sell Large Quantity of Cement OPC all grades, Clincker and Concrete

Dear Sir,

At this moment we have several clients but unfortunately the suppliers that we contacted so far have not proven to be sincere and they could not give us any evidence to convince us/our clients

For a client from Libia we need 500,000 Mtn Portland 42,5 N/ R, origin Europe, CIF Tripolis, delivery 12 months.


"The Central Bank in 2 of our major  Client's countries require a bank-to-bank confirmation from your main bank that as a company you have been/are now capable of delivering product to this quantity & value before they will grant the Client's bank permission to "export" such a large amount of "hard currency", so we must have an indication direct from the bank that you will use for your payments that they are willing and able to provide such a confirmation"


With regards,


JPM Janssen

HBM Consultancy Ltd.