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TimePosted 06/11/2008 22:23:18
Jeka says

Urgent Buy OPC 42.5 price 60 USD/MT

Dear Sir


We urgently need OPC 42.5 in quantity 10 000 000 mt on conditions CIF ASWP with price not more than 60 USD/MT with payment NON transferable RDLC or BG on each month.

Also before issue BCL - we have to understand that You realy have possibility to ship this products in such quantity

We would like to visit Factory before of after sign the contract

Please contact urgent with you FCO OR Soft Offer

If you are Brokers without OPC, don't waste Your and our time. Without real Soft offer and phone calls - no deals





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TimePosted 21/01/2009 17:03:42
ggcement says

Re: Urgent Buy OPC 42.5 price 60 USD/MT

We can supply 10 000 000 mt cement 42.5 for USD 60 , comm included for buyer side USD 1.5


Kind regards

Mrs. Dragica Kejic

Group Global Company

Skype ID :