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TimePosted 17/12/2008 10:20:16
iltco says

the irreal cement prices offers, why?

the irreal cement prices offers, why?

what your benefits when you offer a prices than you can never offer?

now when we search about cement buyer or seller, always we fond target price CIF ASWAP of 60 to 80usd/mt.

but we all know that this are FOB prices and shipping can cost from 20 to 60 usd/mt depending on destination.

china to west africa shipping cost 60 to 65 usd/mt

black sea ports to black sea ports 18 to 20 usd/mt

 those are only indicative prices in order that all new user knows the real market prices



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TimePosted 22/12/2008 02:13:48

Re: the irreal cement prices offers, why?

Finally someone who know what he is talking about. We currently sell FOB type I cement 42.5 R @ 63-65 USD

Shipment costs to Persian Gulf at this moment about 25-27 USD 

we get inquiries with target price of 52 USD, absolutely absurd! The requester has no idea of the costs to produce cement and the real market price.

I salute you iltco, you know what you are talking about.

Keep it up, merry x-mas and a successful, healthy new year for you and your company.