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TimePosted 09/07/2016 09:58:09
naseri says

re serious cement buyer

Dear Sir,

we are mandate of IRANIAN MILL CEMENT and in position to supply you at best price.

you can sent your inquiry to



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Quantum Supplies
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TimePosted 02/10/2016 17:14:18

re serious cement buyer


My name is Keith Pridmore and I am a director of a facilitating agency based Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam with offices in Brisbane Australia.

By working with our strategic partners,  in Vietnam and globally, we are able to cater for all of your requirements requirements.

For example, we have two large Vietnamese cement manufacturing companies that produce high quality clinker and cement – both superior and cheaper than equivalent Chinese product. We are able to supply up to 250,000 tonnes per month (minmum10,000 MT), and will easily be able to handle your request.

 Please advise what price you are paying per tonne at the moment and we will be happy to negotiate a better deal for yourselves. We are happy to quote FOB or C&F, and our terms are L/C through a major bank

We are also able to source sand, gravel, coal and marble, should you require these products as well

I can be contacted by phone, Skype or email


Kind regards


Keith Pridmore
quantum Business Systems Pty Ltd

+84 902 998 504 (Vietnam)

P  +61 404 776 775  (Australia)

Skype quantum-oz




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TimePosted 01/02/2017 10:25:34
ehsan says

re serious cement buyer

hi dear

im selling  cement has produced in iran.

our coast is 36 $ for a ton in type2 on ship in bandarimam iran.

i am so happy to business with you.



Global logistics
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TimePosted 19/05/2017 15:42:04

re serious cement buyer

we can provide cement from Pakistan at reasonable rates.