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TimePosted 24/12/2009 14:23:22
ILA says

Re: Ring Formation

Hello , Mr. Vikpro


Can i ask the same please


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TimePosted 24/12/2009 15:18:22
Vikpro says

Re: Ring Formation

Dear All,

I'm very happy to see that you are keen to know the technique but  you can't expect medicine from a doctor without telling him the problem. If you are worried about your plant's privacy, don't worry as  now a days nothing is secrete.

Furnish me some of your plant's parameters.I will provide you full details about your burner pipe design & plant which you will never get from a supplier.



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TimePosted 25/12/2009 05:39:39
chari says

Re: Ring Formation

ours is a 3m dia kiln,

I have observed the ring formation in the kiln when ever our coal consumption increased, i.e. when ever kcal/kg increase.


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TimePosted 30/12/2009 16:04:43
jatin says

Re: Ring Formation

OK Vikpro, To best of my experience in cement industry, there is no sure technic which would break balls in kiln.

It's a game of chance, when there is ball, we try different things, sometimes it breaks sometimes not.

I try to run kiln warm with a ball, so good clinker nodules actually pushes the ball inside / keep it inside, but cool and dusty kiln, you will see ball quickly falling into cooler.

mostly alumina is decreased to get rid of balls. some decreases liquid.

anyway, my burner has 15% PA @10 deg. cent. with 11 impulse and 0.02 swirl.25 deg swirl angle.