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TimePosted 09/11/2009 19:01:52
iltco says

We offer Cement EN 197.1/2000

 We WM INTERNATIONAL TRADING, Registred in offshore zone tanger in Marocco,   are the regular suppliers of cement  in global markets  and hereby issue our soft offer of supply of Portland cement 42.5N CEM 1 as European standards EN 197-1/2000 AS PER BS 12-1996, as per the terms and conditions, mutually agreed upon.



2.QUANTITY                 : 12.500  tons  

3.ORIGIN                       :  Turkey


5.PACKING                       50 kilos KRAFT packing/ sea worthy

6.SHIPMENT                      in vessel of 12500  tons-  first shipment starts within

                                            Quantity  shipped  within 30 days .                                                                        


8.PORT OF LOADING   Iskenderun Port/  Turkey Port

9. INSPECTION               By acceptable Inspecting Agency certifying above  SGS

                                           for quality and weight at load port                                      

10..UNIT PRICE               @US$ 60  per mt FOB  for 50kg packaging

11.INSURANCE              Seller Account -  comprehensive   all risk covered

                                           110% value of each shipment

12. PERFORMANCE        2% of the value of  first shipment  automatically extendable

                                           shipment to  shipment basis  till entire contracted quantity is


13.PAYMENTS               Confirm acceptable Letter of credit for minimum 12.5000 tons

                                          value – Irrevocable -  Non Transferable – unrestricted.

                                          payable at sight  on presentation of standard shipping

                                          documents allowing part shipment and third party documents 

                                          except commercial invoice and draft extendable /or freshly

                                          established  shipment wise till entire contracted quantity

                                          is shipped


14.VALIDITY                    This offer is  valid till  six banking days official acceptance

15.BANKERS                     Name CALYON CREDIT AGRICOLE

16. DOCUMENTS            Standard  shipping documents (i) clean B/L  (ii)  commercial

                                           invoices (iii) certificate of origin (iv) certificate of weight

                                           from loading port Authority  (v) Acceptable Inspection

                                           Agency certificate for quality and weight at load port     


Thanking you                                                                         yours truly


                                                                             WM INTERNATIONAL TRADING

                                                                      24 ZONE OFFSHORE D EXPORTATION

                                                                        90 000 TANGER MAROCCO

                                                                            TEL 00212675812382




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TimePosted 21/11/2009 23:15:06
kkairouz says

Re: We offer Cement EN 197.1/2000

Dear Sir,

we are looking for 300,000 tons at the same quality cement that you're offering :

Shipping would be to Tema port -Ghana CIF in 50 kg bags

Specs: Ordinary Grey portland cement 42.5
Quantity :300,000 MT  for one year contract  25,000 mt monthly.
We are very serious buyer. This order would be fast occurring if we agree on price. what would be the price delivered to Tema port , Ghana.
If the price is negotiable we can do business very fast.
you can reply with your offer at or you can reach me in USA at 714 206 3236
Khalil Kairouz